In this course, we present an overview of the body of theorems formally derivable from the axioms of the theory of abstract objects. The axioms are motivated and presented in the first lecture, and in the remaining lectures we go through the definitions and theorems that systematize a variety of philosophical applications. We shall identify, and derive principles governing: truth-values, logical classes, Forms, fictions, situations, possible worlds, impossible worlds, concepts (including complete individual concepts), Fregean senses, Fregean (natural) numbers, and theoretical mathematical individuals and relations generally. 

Teacher: Edward N. Zalta (Stanford)

Examination: The course is examined by a short paper, the topic of which the student decides together with the teacher. Examples of topics are:

  • to prove a new, interesting theorem
  • to show that some proofs can be ”sped up”
  • to develop new applications/analyses
  • to develop comparisons with other theories

Schedule:  Lecture schedule (58 Kb)