This seminar is open to graduate students, supervisors, master students, and other researchers at the department (if they contact the organizer in advance).

Organizer: Gunnar Björnsson

Spring 2020

8 May: Conrad Bakka, "Can Third-Factor Explanations Block Debunking Arguments?", Comments: Stina Björkholm

20 March, online only: Conrad Bakka, "How Do Debunking Arguments Debunk?", Comments: Simon Knutsson

13 March: Stina Björkholm, "Hybrid theories and dual meaning", Comments: Conrad Bakka

26 February, 10.15–12.00: Simon Knutsson, "Thinking comparatively", Comments: Thomas Schmidt (HU Berlin)

Autumn 2019

4 October: D734, Conrad Bakka (w. Jonathan Egeland Harouny), "The Structure of Debunking Arguments: Explanatory Concession is Not Enough", Comments: Stina Björkholm

18 October: D793, Nils Sylvan (aka Nils Säfström), "The Basicalist Solution to the Partiality Problem for the Fitting Attitude Account of Value", Comments: Francesca Bunkenborg

1 November: D734, Francesca Bunkenborg, "Moral encroachment of moral belief", Comments: Conrad Bakka

29 November: D734, Shu Ishida, "What makes discrimination morally wrong? Harm-based views revisited", Comments: Romy Eskens

6 December: D734, Stina Björkholm, "Hybrid views about semantic meaning and the Frege-Geach problem", Comments: Simon Knutsson; Romy Eskens, "What generates the obligation to continue aid?", Comments: Robert J. Hartman

16 December: D734, Zak Kopeikin (PhD Candidate, University of Colorado Boulder), "Diana’s dress and Lincoln’s pen- A Confusion in Ontology", Comments: Andrea Asker

Spring 2019

15 February: Nils Säfström, "The Partiality Problem for the Fitting Attitude Account of Value", commentator: Romy Eskens

15 March: Simon Knutsson, "Many-valued logic as a reply to sequence arguments", commentator: Daniel Ramöller

22 March: Romy Eskens, "Whom to Save When Supererogatory Rescue Attempts Fail?", commentator: Lisa Hecht

Cancelled! 5 April: Nils Säfström, commentator: TBD

12 April: Stina Björkholm, commentator: Conrad Bakka

3 May: Nils Säfström, commentator: Romy Eskens

10 May: Conrad Bakka, comentator: Nils Säfström

Autumn 2018

21 September: Conrad Bakka, "Error Theory, Hypothetical Reasons and Instrumental Rationality", commentator: Andreas Mogensen (Oxford)

5 October: Mats Ingelström, "Evidence for Well-Being", commentator: Simon Knutsson

12 October: Nils Säfström, "The Partiality Problem for the Fitting Attitude Account of Value", commentator: Jimmy Goodrich

9 November: Mats Ingelström, "What Subjective Well-Being is", commentator: Daniel Ramöller

16 November: Stina Björkholm, "Moral Certitude for Quasi-Realists", commentator: Nils Säfström

7 December: Jimmy Goodrich, TBA, commentator: Stina Björkholm

Spring 2018

June 1: Mats Ingelström, Review of Anna Alexandrova's book, commentator Nils Säfström

May 25: Stina Björkholm, "How to Tell a Quasi-Realist from a Realist", commentator: Jimmy Goodrich

May 4: Nils Säfström, "The Partiality Problem for the Fitting Attitude
Account of Value", commentator: Stina Björkholm

April 27: Antonin Broi, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV): "The measurability objection against utilitarianism", commentator: Mats Ingelström

March 23: Simon Knutsson, "Meta-formal value theory", commentator: Bart Streumer

February 2: Daniel Ramöller, "A general map of complaint views on aggregation", commentator: Simon Knutsson

January 19: Lisa Hecht, "Rights Forfeiture Unconstrained", commentator: Nils Säfström

Autumn 2017

December 8: Mats Ingelström, "Science, Well-Being & Social Progress", commentator: Lisa Hecht

November 24: Conrad Bakka, '"No Possibility of Being Wrong"', commentator: Stina Björkholm

November 17: Daniel Ramöller, 'Impartiality as incommensurability', commentator: Mats Ingelström

November 3: Nils Säfström, 'The Normative Response Aproach to value', commentator: Jimmy Goodrich

October 27: Daniel Ramöller, 'On the Holy Grail of Aggregation', commentator: Simon Knutsson

October 20: Lisa Hecht, 'Repairing Justified Harm to the Innocent', commentator: Jimmy Goodrich

September 15: Jimmy Goodrich, 'Harming mere members', commentator: Lisa Hecht

Spring 2017

February 7 Lisa Hecht: 'Provocateurs and Their Rights to Self-Defence’. Commentator: Mats Ingelström. 

April 4 Matteo Cresti (Turin, visiting SU): 'Mapping the Relationship between Metaethics and Normative Ethics'. Commentator: Conrad Bakka.

April 11 Daniel Ramöller: 'A Welfarist Reply to Nozick's Wilt Chamberlain Argument'. Commentator: Mats Ingelström. 

May 2 Nils Säfström: 'Betterness, Fitting Attitudes, and the Partiality Problem'. Commentator: Conrad Bakka. 

May 23 Conrad Bakka: 'The Epistemic Challenge for Normative Realism'.

Autumn 2016

September 27 Lisa Hecht: 'Creating and Avoiding Risk to Oneself: An Argument to Discount Disproportionate Harm to Wrongdoers?'. Commentator: Conrad Bakka.

October 4 Nils Säfström: 'The Right and the Good... and the Fitting' (presentation of dissertation project).

October 18 Daniel Ramöller: 'Scanlon's Contractualism and Egalitarian Restrictions'. Commentator: Tim Campbell (IFS).

November 29 Mats Ingelström: 'A Dilemma for Subjective Well-Being Measurement'. Commentator: Daniel Ramöller.