We are women, men, and queers. We are refugees, people with disabilities, and immigrants. We belong to social categories. But what is it to belong to a social category? What is it, for example, to be a woman or an immigrant? In Categories We Live By Ásta offers a theory of social categories, how they are constructed, and how we belong to them. In the talk she will give an overview of the book with a special attention to the notion of social construction and its use in the construction of social categories.

“I am a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University. I work mainly in metaphysics, social philosophy, and feminist theory, and on related topics in philosophy of language and epistemology. I have written on questions related to essence and modality, response-dependence, realism and anti-realism, naturalism, sex and gender, and social construction, and recently completed a book on the metaphysics of social categories, entitled Categories We Live By, published by Oxford University Press.”

Source: Ásta - Home