About the PPE Network

The PPE concept, which was established at Oxford about a century ago, is currently experiencing a renaissance worldwide. PPE scholarship has three central characteristics: (1) It is interdisciplinary by design, as it incorporates methods and theories of three separate academic disciplines and is open to collaboration and communication with neighboring disciplines besides. (2) It moves comfortably from the concrete problems facing humans living in society to the highest reaches of abstract scientific modeling and philosophical reflection. (3) It fuses descriptive theory and normative analysis, as PPE scholars grapple explicitly not just with questions about what is but with questions about what ought to be.

The PPE Network at Stockholm University aims to foster a community of scholars and students who can advance PPE scholarship at the highest international level.


PPE Network activities include a variety of lectures, workshops, and seminars, including brownbag lunch seminars where network members are afforded the opportunity to discuss their research in an informal way. Activities are coordinated with the undergraduate PPE Program, taught in Swedish.


Autumn 2018

Spring 2018

Wednesday April 11: Ingvild Almås on “Inequality Acceptance”

Wednesday May 9: Erik Angner on “Nudging as Design”

Thursday May 31: Luc Bovens on "An Efficiency Argument for Gender-Neutral Restrooms"


Erik Angner (Department of Philosophy, Stockholm)

Eva Erman (Department of Political Science, Stockholm)

Robert Östling (Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm)

For questions, please contact Erik (erik.angner@philosophy.su.se).

Join us

Anyone affiliated with Stockholm University (however loosely) is invited to join the network. To do so, please sign up for our mailing list by visiting lists.su.se/mailman/listinfo/ppe-at-philosophy.su.se