We identify a pervasive contrast in modeling styles in logic between what may be called 'implicit' and 'explicit' approaches. In order to accommodate new topics entering the field, implicit approaches change the meaning of existing logical constants and consequence, while explicit approaches merely extend classical logical systems with new vocabulary.  We discuss the contrast in intuitionistic vs. epistemic logic, default reasoning, information dynamics and especially also games, and then define the stances more sharply. New issues arise concerning dualities and merges between the two styles of logical analysis. Finally, we discuss the contrast in greater depth, considering what it means for an understanding of the field of logic as a repertoire of natural styles of analysis.
J. van Benthem, 2014, Logic in Games, The MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 
–, 2016, 'Implicit and Explicit Stances in Logic', Technical Report, ILLC, 
University of Amsterdam.