[Kurskod/Course code: FI42N2]

Aktuella kursscheman / Current schedule

Hösten/Fall 2018

Period 1

På svenska

  • Studenter på masterprogrammen i arkeologi, etnologi, historia och genusvetenskap går i måndagsgruppen. Studenter som läser på andra program följer fredagsundervisningen.

In English

  • Students in the master programs in languages, literature and English - transnational creative writing attend the Friday classes, as well as programs in Chinese and Middle Eastern studies. Students in other programs attend the Monday classes.

Period 2

In English

Om kursen/ About Scientific method and research ethics

The course deals with questions concerning the nature of scientific knowledge, with special regard to the humanities and the social sciences, and with ethical questions concerning science and research.

Kurshemsida / Course website

Vetenskaplighet och forskningsetik

Scientific method and research ethics