The course covers some of the principal issues in the philosophy of science, with a focus on the early 20th century onward. Among the philosophical questions of general interest to science that the students will encounter are:

* What is the nature and properties of scientific inference?
* How do scientific theories acquire empirical support?
* How and to what extent is evidence dependent on theory?
* What is a scientific explanation?
* What is a law of nature, and what is causation?
* What does a scientific theory describe?
* According to what principles do scientific theories change over time?

The course is suitable especially for students who have completed at least one semester of theoretical philosophy studies or one semester’s university studies within any scientific discipline. The participants are assumed to be familiar with the basic philosophical concepts of truth, knowledge, and logical validity.

Kursplan: Kursplan Vetenskapsfilosofi I FIVE10 (176 Kb)

Access to the study portal Athena is necessary for partaking in the course, as some instructions and additional course texts will be provided there.

The spring 2020 course is given in English.

Spring 2020 course shedule

Teacher: Henning Strandin


* Alex Rosenberg, Philosophy of Science: A Contemporary Introduction, 3. edition.
* Additional texts, no more than 200 pages.

Detailed program with reading assignments: to be announced.

Närvarokrav: Närvaro på minst 50% av lektionstillfällena är obligatorisk.

Examination: Kursen examineras genom två skriftliga inlämningsuppgifter i form av hemtentamen.