Lecturers: Olle Blomberg (Lund) & Björn Petersson (Lund)

Course dates: April 16-19, 2018 + Workshop on April 20-21

Course description

We are social beings embedded in an institutional reality. We often act together with others, and much of what we do contribute to, enact or respond to the actions or omissions of groups and institutions. These facts raise both practical and theoretical questions about what moral obligations and responsibility that we haveindividually as well as collectivelyfor the harms and goods that flow from these actions: To what extent are we responsible for what we do together with others? Do ”we”—in the affluent industrialised West, say—have an obligation to stop or ameliorate the effects of climate change? If we fail, am ”I” blameworthy even if my individual contribution would have made no difference? Can we appropriately blame and praise collectives or organisations for the harms or goods created by their actions or omissions? Can they express and feel guilt and pride in response? And more generally: What is the relation between backward-looking responsibility and forward-looking responsibility (obligation)? What can these cases involving collectives teach us about agency and responsibility in general? 

This course will focus on these and related questions mainly through the lens of contemporary work in analytic philosophy on collective agency, intentionality and responsibility. The course will run during one week, starting with four days of lectures and seminars, and end with an obligatory two-day workshop on collective responsibility with invited speakers. 
To complete the course, students have to write an examination paper on a topic covered in the course or workshop.

More information available in following document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gutrdwHtr2b_hJBf970ke5Au_nsKlEUmEG5TTgi21M8/edit?usp=sharing