The Department of Philosophy offers a one-year master (magister) course in theoretical philosophy.

The course lasts two semesters (autumn/spring) for 60 ECTS credits.

The first semester comprises four course modules (litteraturkurser) for 7.5 credits each. One of the modules is mandatory - Scientific Method and Research Ethics - and the other three are chosen by the student in consultation with the course convener. Under the heading Litteraturkurser (left column) there is a list of courses to choose from. Three of those courses are specifically designated for students in Theoretical Philosophy: Assertion, Experimental Philosophy, and Scientific Realism. Apart from those there is also a possibility to pick up to two 7.5 credit courses offered at undergraduate level (the teacher will require some supplementary tasks from master students). Suitable options include Matematikens filosofi (The Philosophy of Mathematics), Fysikens filosofi (The Philosophy of Physics), Logisk följd (Logical consequence), Introduktion till formell semantik (Introduction to Formal Semantics), Logic in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Formella metoder för filosofi och vetenskapligt tänkande (Formal Methods for Philosophy and Scientific Thinking), all of which will be accessible for non-Swedish speakers. These courses are described under the heading Deltidskurser (left column).

The student must pass the examinations of the first semester in order to proceed to the second semester.

The second semester consists of a thesis work (30 credits). The topic is elective but must be approved by the convenor and must fit the research profile of the members of the faculty. A supervisor will be allocated to the student, based on her or his project description. The final grade of the entire course is determined by the grade of the thesis. The exam of the thesis part consists in the thesis itself, a defence of it at a seminar, and an opposition on another student’s thesis at a seminar. It is recommended to study the grading criteria and the guidelines for the thesis.

Since an entire semester is devoted to writing the thesis, the demands are higher than for a bachelor’s thesis, with respect to volume (approximately 40 pages), content, and degree of independence in the writing process. This is reflected in the grading criteria.


Course schedule Theoretical Philosophy - Magister course, autumn 2017.

Roll call and introductory meeting

Tuesday the 29 of August, at 13.00, in room D734.

Course convenor

Kathrin Glüer-Pagin

Mandatory module: Scientific Method and Research Ethics (7.5 credits)

This course is given in English both in the first and in the second half of the (autumn) semester. In the schedule only the one given in the second half of the semester is included. But it will be possible to follow it in the first half as well, if that fits in better with other courses chosen.

For more information, check the course page:

Vetenskaplighet och forskningsetik

Grading criteria and guidlines for thesis

Master's thesis grading criteria (56 Kb)