Recent years have seen a surge of philosophical work on the meaning of ‘ought’, ‘good’, and ‘reason’. A lot of this work has been influenced by recent work in linguistics, which in turn has been inspired by some early ideas in deontic logic. This course surveys some of the main issues in this debate:  Is ‘ought’ a modal operator? Is there a uniform account of the semantics of ‘ought’, ‘good’, and ‘reason’, as they occur in both moral and non-moral contexts? What is the relationship between the concepts of ought, good, and reason? Can one concept be defined in terms of another? The authors we will focus on include John Broome, Mark Schroeder, Angelika Kratzer, Janice Dowell, Stephen Finlay, and Matthew Chrisman.

Course dates: TBA

Time and location: TBA

Teacher: Anandi Hattiangadi, Krister Bykvist

Literature: Selected articles