Theories of justice often focus on adults who lack any disabilities, who live in a single society with no history of injustice, and who are contemporaries. This course will examine the questions that arise when we broaden the focus of justice beyond these confines. In particular, we will examine what principles of justice should apply with respect to future generations, past generations, those who are not co-citizens, those who have disabilities, children, and animals. 

The aim is to extend your knowledge and understanding of the content and scope of principles of justice, and allow you to assess the normative underpinnings of key real world debates. It will provide a significant foundation of analytical skills and knowledge for students who aspire to further study in contemporary political philosophy or political theory.

Course dates: January 20 - March 9

Time and location: Wednesdays 14-16 in D734

Teacher: Elizabeth Finneron-Burns

Literature:  Reading List Issues in Pol Philosophy (18 Kb)