The Department of Philosophy offers a one-year master (magister) course in practical philosophy.

The course lasts two semesters (fall/spring) for 60 ECTS credits.

In the first semester you will take four course modules (litteraturkurser) for 7,5 credits each. One module is mandatory, Scientific Method and Research Ethics, and the other three are chosen from a range of special topics that vary from term to term. You must pass the examinations of the first semester in order to proceed into the second semester.

The second semester consists of your thesis work (30 credits). The topic is elective but must be approved by the convenors and must fit the research profile of the members of the faculty. You will be allocated a supervisor based on your approved project description. The final grade for the entire course is determined by the grade of the thesis. It is recommended that you study the grading criteria and the guidelines for the thesis.

There is a strong expectation that the thesis be completed during the second term of the one-year master (magister) course. If needed, supervision can be extended to the term following the one in which the student begins his or her supervised work. Students who do not finish the thesis within these two terms have no right to extended supervision, but they have a right to submit a thesis and have it graded.

Introductory meeting 2017
Tuesday August 29 at 10:00 AM in room D734
Course convenors: Krister Bykvist, Jonas Olson

Course schedule, autumn 2017


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