Hilary Greaves (University of Oxford)

Hilary's current research focusses on issues in ethics. Her interests include: foundational issues in consequentialism ('global' and 'two-level' forms of consequentialism), issues of aggregation (utilitarianism, prioritarianism, egalitarianism and anti-aggregationist approaches), population ethics, effective altruism, the interface between ethics and economics, the analogies between ethics and epistemology, and formal epistemology.

(from Hilary Greaves' website)


Paul Egré (École Normale Supérieure)

Paul's work is at the intersection between epistemology, logic and language. His latest research is mostly on the semantics, epistemology and psychology of vagueness. He is also particularly interested in questions, conditionals and metacognition. From 2014 to 2017, with Benjamin Spector he is codirecting the ANR program "Trivalence and Natural Language Meaning".

(from Paul's Egré's website)