I describe a prima facie problem for the Scientific Realist stemming from the growing popularity of pluralism. Drawing on recent work by Waters, Chang, and Elgin, I argue that shifting our focus from knowledge to understanding in our characterization of Scientific Realism allows for a solution to this challenge that ought to be acceptable to a (modest) realist. 

This Colloquium is integrated with the second DIAPHORA workshop on "The Nature of Representation".

Matthew Slater
Matthew Slater

Matthew Slater (Bucknell University)

Matthew is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. His main research interests are the philosophy of biology & scientific classification and general philosophy of science & social epistemology. He has published widely, and written Are Species Real?: An Essay on the Metaphysics of Species (2013) and The Nature of Biological Kinds (forthcoming). Read more at: www.mhslater.com