I have a Magister degree in theoretical philosophy from Stockholm University. My magister thesis was on the concept of disease. I also have a Magister degree in speech and language pathology from Karolinska Institutet.

Main interests
Philosophy of medicine, philosophy of biology, philosophy of science, social ontology, bioethics.

“Health and pathology as theoretical notions”
Supervisors: Sören Häggqvist, Richard Dawid

Basic courses in philosophy of science, epistemology, and argumentation analysis.


  • Pathology as reduced efficiency - a dispositional approach. Teorema, 40(1): 111-113, 2021.
  • Distinguishing health from pathology. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, forthcoming.
  • Review: Philosophy of Science for Scientists - By Lars-Göran Johansson. Theoria, 83(3): 249-253, 2017.
  • Aristoteles syn på beröm [Aristotle's view on praise]. Filosofisk tidskrift, nr. 2, 2016.