Philosophy of science, philosophy of physics

Richard Dawid is professor of philosophy of science at Stockholm University. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Vienna. After some years as a phyisicist at the TU Munich and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, he switched to philosophy in 2000. He worked as a philosopher of science at the University of Vienna and the MCMP Munich before coming to Stockholm in 2016. 

Dawid’s work focuses on philosophical aspects of contemporary theories in high energy physics and cosmology. His concept of non-empirical theory confirmation, developed in the book String theory and the scientific method (CUP 2013) and in a number of articles, introduces a broader perspective on theory confirmation in fundamental physics and beyond. Other topics in the philosophy of physics investigated by Dawid include Everettian quantum mechanics, issues of data analysis in high energy physics, the philosophical impact of string dualities, the cosmological multiverse and anthropic reasoning. Currently, Dawid is leading a VR-funded research project on the philosophy of cosmology. In the general philosophy of science, Dawid works on Bayesian confirmation theory, novel confirmation and various aspects of the scientific realism debate.

Richard Dawid is the author of the book:

String Theory and the Scientific Method, Cambridge University Press 2013.

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