In most accounts of metaphor, the predication of properties, by assertion or intimation, plays a prominent role. When, e.g., Romeo says ‘Juliet is the sun’, he is commonly taken to extend an invitation to the hearer to explore the similarities between Juliet and the sun. This kind of account works better for ‘Juliet is the sun’ in isolation than in its actual context. I will suggest a different approach according to which Romeo does not compare Juliet to the sun, but casts her as the sun in his imaginative play. The function of ‘Juliet is the sun’ is not to highlight Juliet’s sun like features, but to permit him to make further utterances about her in sun terms. The sentence ‘Juliet is the sun’ itself does not say nor imply very much, it rather serves to initiate discursive play. The proposal will be extended to other cases.