When I see a tree through my window, that particular worldly tree is said to be "in", "on",  or "before" my mind. My ordinary visual link to it is "intentional." Is this also the case when I see particular worldly trees in photographs, or in paintings? If so, how similar are the links between me and various particular worldly trees when I see them in these different ways? Are they, in some important sense, links of the same kind? Or are they links of importantly different kinds? Or, as a third possibility, are they at once links of the same important kind and also links of importantly different sub-kinds within that kind? In this talk I will take up these taxonomical questions. I will elaborate (a bit) on the characterization of the different subject-object links, and explain how a prominent approach to answering the taxonomical questions seems to have reached a dialectical impasse. I will then suggest a new approach to get out of the impasse and follow that approach a certain distance. My investigations will support the conclusion that the three types of links just described are not importantly different in kind.