Faculty and Associated Researchers

Torbjörn Tännsjö, Kristian Claëson Professor (Chair) of practical philosophy, has been responsible for research in practical philosophy at the department up to the end of 2013. He has also been director of the Stockholm University unit of Stockholm Centre for Health Care Ethics (CHE). The centre is a cooperation between Karolinska Institute (the medical ethics department), The Royal School of Technology (the philosophy department), and Stockholm University (practical philosophy). CHE cooperates also with the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at Oxford University. He is now professor emeritus of practical philosphy.

Professor Gustaf Arrhenius is responsible for research education in practical philosophy at the department. Professor Krister Bykvist took up a permanent position at the department in 2013. Professor Anandi Hattiangadi has recently been appointed a Pro Futura Fellow and shares her time between practical and theoretical philosophy. Associate professor Helen Frowe has just taken up a position as Wallenberg Fellow and is director of the recently established Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace at the department.

Other members of the group of researchers are Professor Emeritus Lars Bergström, senior lecturer in Practical philosophy Björn Eriksson, Junior research fellow Nicolas Espinoza, Professor Emeritus Ragnar Ohlsson, Associate Professor Jonas Olson, Junior research fellow Frans Svensson, Associate professor Claudio M. Tamburrini, and PhD Lisa Furberg..  Jaan Evers visits the department as a post-doc. Toby Ord (Oxford) is a guest researcher at the department and does regularly visit the department, during a period of three years. His main project is in the area of moral uncertainty. Dr. Katharina Berndt Rasmussen, Dr. Sofia Jeppson, and Dr. Niklas Olsson-Yaozis have been temporary members of the group of researches after their dissertations.

PhD Students

Henrik Ahlenius, working on moral philosophy and experimental psychology.

Sten Arndt, working on applied ethics and the idea of an authorised individual responsibility for messages published in newspapers.

Mats Ingelström, working on problems in the theory of the social sciences.

Maria Svedberg, working on free will and van Inwagen’s consequence argument.

Olle Torpman, working on global warming and moral uncertainty.

Hege Dypedokk Johnsen who is working on problems relating to love and eudaimonia in ancient philosophy.

Daniel Ramöller works on population ethics.