Colloquia, Workshops and Conferences

Practical philosophy and theoretical philosophy are together organising colloquia to which active and outstanding researchers from all over the world are invited. Responsible for the colloquia are Frans Svensson (practical philosophy) and Åsa Wikforss (theoretical philosophy). The colloquium meets every other week.

There is a higher seminar in practical philosophy (where members of the faculty present papers and where philosophical work is jointly studied) and a PhD seminar that both convene regularly.

Jonas Olson and Jens Johansson (Uppsala) together organised the Stockholm June Workshop in Philosophy 2012 ("Ethics and Metaphysics") and 2013 ("Ethics and Ontology"). A conference is planned also for 2014.

Richard Joyce (Victoria University, Wellington) gave the 2013 Stockholm Wedberg lectures: "On Evolution and Morality".

The annual Hume Society Conference will be held 2015 in Stockholm , organised by Henrik Bohlin (Södertörn), Åsa Carlson (Gävle/Stockholm), Robert Callergård (Stockholm/Umeå) and Jonas Olson (Stockholm).

Together Gösta Grönroos and Frans Svensson organizied an international conference on virtue and pleasure, which took place in Stockholm in March 2012.

Public appearance

Practical philosophers from the Stockholm department are very much visible in Swedish media. The two Swedish philosophical journals (publishing in Swedish) are also associated with the department. Filosofisk tidskrift is edited by Lars Bergström and Katharina Berndt Rasmussen is editorial assistant for Tidskrift för politisk filosofi.