I obtained my PhD in 2011 at Lund University, with a thesis on belief revision theory supervised by Erik J. Olsson. After that I was a postdoc at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at Amsterdam University, where I worked on co-algebraic logic and modal fixpoint logic. In 2017, I was employed at the philosophy department at Stockholm University, with a project on proof systems for modal fixpoint logics funded by the Swedish Research Council. As of 2020 I am a senior lecturer at the department. 

At the moment my research mainly concerns cyclic proof systems for logics with inductively defined predicates (fixpoint logics). I am also interested in expressive power and characterization results for such logics, connections with automata theory, and game theory.

I mainly teach logic.

For more information, including publications, see my personal webpage below.

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