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Research - Philosophy: a leading reasearch area

Research related news

  • PhD student in Theoretical Philosophy 2020-09-23 The Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University, has a vacant PhD position in theoretical philosophy.
  • New book: Moral Uncertainty 2020-09-11 How should we make decisions when we’re uncertain about what we ought, morally, to do?
  • Digital Gnosis: Skepticism 2020-08-30 Nathan Ormond interviews Henrik Lagerlund about skepticism from Antiquity to present day skepticism about vaccins and climate change.
  • ECAP Plenary keynote 2020-08-25 Kathrin Glüer-Pagin: Proper names, propositions, and relevant data

Research in philosophy

Research at the department of philosophy has both breadth and depth, and is difficult to summarize succinctly. Below is a brief overview of philosophy in general, and the type of research conducted at our department in particular. Use the menu on the left to find more information about philosophy in Stockholm.

Leading research area

The department not only has a leading position in Sweden, but is very strong by international standards. That holds for both practical and theoretical philosophy. Since 2007 philosophy has been appointed a leading research area at Stockholm University.


Postal address
Stockholm University
Department of Philosophy
SE - 10691 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address
Department of Philosophy
Universitetsvägen 10 D
Frescati, Stockholm, Sweden

Head of Department
Björn Eriksson,

Directors of Graduate studies (PhD level)
Theoretical philosophy:
Henrik Lagerlund

Practical philosophy:
Gunnar Björnsson

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