Report on Recent Research in Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University, the Department of Philosophy

The department of philosophy is traditionally divided into practical philosophy and theoretical philosophy. Philosophy has been assigned the status of a leading area at Stockholm University; this applies to both areas of the subject. What follows here is a description of research pursued in theoretical philosophy.

Philosophy is one of the ‘profile’ areas selected by Stockholm University, i.e. selected as an area where the department has a leading position in the country and is strong internationally. The department has a very wide competence across the entire philosophical field, and a high international profile, with frequent publications in leading journals, guest lectures and conference participation abroad by department members, as well as regular guest lectures and conferences and workshops at home.

In a recent international report of the quality of research at the department the following overall assessment is given: “we find the quality of research and the level of activity of the Philosophy Department at Stockholm University outstanding, especially in terms of research output, conferences, colloquia, visits, visitors, and research collaboration […]. It is quite clear from the list of publications and the other material presented to us that the Philosophy Department in Stockholm has active research teams in several major areas of philosophy, whose work is internationally prominent (not only recognized), and in fact excellent by any national or international standards” (Report on the quality of research at the Philosophy Department, Stockholm University, November 2011).

The department has since continued to produce excellent research and to attract inter­nationally prominent researchers, like professor Anandi Hattiangadi, who left Oxford in 2012 in order to join the department as a Pro Futura Scientia Fellow.

The report is published here on our website (use the links to the left) and it is also available in pdf-format: Report on Recent Research in Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University (revised December 2014) (730 Kb)