Faculty (including emeriti)

Richard Dawid (professor): Philosophy of science, philosophy of physics.

Staffan Carlshamre (professor): Aesthetics, history of philosophy, philosophy of science of the humanities.

Kathrin Glüer (professor): Philosophy of language, Davidson, philosophy of mind, per­ception, epistemology, philosophy of action.

Valentin Goranko (professor): Logic: theory and applications to artificial intelligence, agency and multi-agent systems, computer science, and game theory.

Gösta Grönroos (researcher and lecturer): Ancient philosophy, philosophy of action, moral psychology.

Anandi Hattiangadi (professor, Pro Futura Scientia Fellow): Philosophy of mind and language, epistemology, metaphysics.

Sören Häggqvist (associate professor): Epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of biology, metaphysics.

Mikael Janvid (associate professor): Epistemology.

Per-Erik Malmnäs (professor emeritus): Logic, probability, decision theory, history of philosophy.

Per Martin-Löf (professor emeritus, formerly at the mathematics department): logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics, history of philosophy.

Dugald Murdoch (professor emeritus): Philosophy of science, history of philosophy, epistemology.

Paul Needham (professor emeritus): Philosophy of science, modal logic, metaphysics.

Peter Pagin (professor): Philosophy of language, logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of mind.

Dag Prawitz (professor emeritus): Logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics.

Marcel Quarfood (lecturer): History of philosophy, philosophy of biology, philosophy of action.

Gunnar Svensson (professor): Epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, Wittgenstein.

Dag Westerståhl (professor): Logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics.

Åsa Wikforss (professor): Philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology.

Associated researchers

Björn Brunnander: Philosophy of science.

Karl Karlander: Philosophy of rationality, epistemology, virtue ethics.

B. Ingemar B. Lindahl: Philosophy of Science.

Daniel Rönnedal: Philosophy of Logic.

Sara Packalén: Philosophy of language, mind and linguistics.

Mikael Pettersson: Aesthetics, philosophy of art, philosophy of mind and metaphysics.

Stefan Buijsman: Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science.

Eric Johannesson: Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science.

PhD students

Sama Agahi: Philosophy of logic, metalogic, and non-classical logic. Dissertation topic: Self-sufficiency of logics and logicality.

Benny Andersson: Philosophy of language and epistemology. Dissertation topic: the relation between realism and epistemology in Kant, Quine and Dummett.

Moncef Bouhlel: Arabic medieval philosophy.

Carl-Filip Brück: Aesthetics and the philosophy of music. Dissertation topic: the concept of historicity in the philosophy of music of Adorno.

Maria Forsberg: Philosophy of Art. Dissertation topic: Authenticity in painting.

Anna Petronella Foultier: Phenomenology, feminist philosophy, dance theory. Dissertation topic: A study of Merleau-Ponty's ideas on language and expression and their place in his philosophy, including the contrast between language and “silent” forms of expression and expression as a phenomenological task.

Mattias Högström: Philosophy of language. Dissertation topic: semantic holism.

Jim Jacobson: Phenomenology. Dissertation topic: Husserl.

Ivan Kasa (Marie Curie doctoral fellow): Metaphysics. Dissertation topic: arbitrary objects in abstract object theory.

Johan Lindberg: Epistemology and philosophy of religion. Dissertation topic: the modal status and the epistemological relevance of skeptical scenarios.

Henning Strandin: Formal epistemology. Dissertation topic: logical and probabilistic models of reasoning from evidence.

Emma Wallin: Philosophy of language. Dissertation topic: the semantics and meta-semantics of general terms.