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Research projects, centers and networks

Research projects

The derpartment of philosopy is a very active reserach department. The department has over the recent years recieved external grants for many reserach projects. Most of the projects, both current and previous, are listed the Stockholm University Research Database. The database is searchable and contains information about the projects, the research group, etc.

Research centers and networks

Research in philsophy is, just as in in other disciplines, to a high degree colaborative. Our researchers are, in different ways, involved in various local, national and international research centers and networks. See the meny for more information about the individual centers.

Affiliated projects

Climate change


Research program "Climate ethics and future generations". Principal investigators: Gustaf Arrhenius and Krister Bykvist.


Postal address
Stockholm University
Department of Philosophy
SE - 10691 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address
Department of Philosophy
Universitetsvägen 10 D
Frescati, Stockholm, Sweden

Head of Department
Björn Eriksson,

Directors of Graduate studies (PhD level)
Theoretical philosophy:
Henrik Lagerlund

Practical philosophy:
Gunnar Björnsson

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