Our first meeting will be at the Mornington Hotel in Stockholm on Friday 24th April. Attendance is free, but places are limited. Please email Helen Frowe if you would like to attend.

09.00 to 10.15 Morten Dige (Aarhus)
‘Internal jus in bello and the obligations of citizens at war’

10.45 to 12.00 Greg Reichberg and Henrik Syse (PRIO)
‘Threats and coercive diplomacy: a just-war analysis’

13.30 to 14.45 Þorbjörn Kristjansson (Aarhus)
‘Changing the game: the impact of highly artificial intelligent robot soldiers on the principles of jus ad bellum’

 15.15 to 16.30 Frederik Rosén (Institute for International Studies, Denmark)
‘Collateral damage: a first philosophy of global governance?