History of Philosophy, Ancient philosophy.

I began my PhD in Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University the fall of 2018. Before this, I obtained my Master’s degree in Theoretical Philosophy at Uppsala University the fall of 2017. My area of expertise is the history of philosophy, especially the Platonic corpus. This includes Plato’s metaphysics, cosmology, political philosophy and theories of the divided soul.

My PhD thesis discusses Norms in Nature in Plato’s dialogue the Timaeus. I examine why the World-Soul is introduced into the Platonic metaphysical scheme and what normative consequences this has for Plato’s depiction of the physical world (world of Becoming).

More broadly, my interests are material and metaphysical theories in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. This comprises theories of cosmology, sense-perception, human biology and medical ethics.

Supervisors: Henrik Lagerlund and Gösta Grönroos.