I began my studies in practical philosphy in 2014 at Stockholm University and started as a PhD student in September 2017. During my bachelor’s and master’s thesis I focused on meta-ethical questions, which is also the subject for my research


My thesis project is about hybrid theories about moral thought and language. These theories aim to explain the dual nature of moral expressions, i.e. that moral expressions both seem to express beliefs about what the world is like, and desire-like attitudes about the objects of moral evaluation. There is a traditional division among metaethical theories to say either that moral sentences are used to express beliefs (or more specifically the contents of beliefs), or that they are used to express desire-like attitudes. Hybrid theories argue that they do both. In my dissertation, I focus on how these two parts of the meaning of moral expressions are conveyed. More precisely, I discuss whether the desire-like attitudes are communicated in virtue of being part of the semantic content of moral expressions, or whether they are more plausibly conveyed through some pragmatic mechanism (and if so, how).

Supervisors: Anandi Hattiangadi and Anders Schoubye