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About Nils

Born and raised in the southern Stockholm suburb of Bagarmossen, I moved north in 2009 to enter the Uppsala culture and society undergraduate program. The program was hosted by Uppsala University’s philosophy department and terminated in a bachelor’s degree in practical philosophy. With a newly acquired interest in the subject, I continued my studies and received a master’s degree in 2015. In October that year, I moved back to Stockholm to enter the PhD program in practical philosophy at Stockholm University.

My philosophical interests mostly concern political philosophy, normative ethics, metaethics (and metanormativity more broadly), axiology and value theory. To put it brief, I am interested in the right and the good, and especially the relationship between the two. In my dissertation, I investigate the plausibility of so called “fitting attitude” analyses of value, according to which value is analyzable in terms of fitting attitudes. The dissertation work is supervised by Jonas Olson and Krister Bykvist. 

Back in Uppsala, I hosted the student radio show Popmoral where we each week analyzed a different social or (pop) cultural phenomenon from a philosophical and psychological point of view. I have also made the documentary Can We Do It Ourselves? together with some friends from my undergraduate years. The topic of the film is economic democracy, the idea that democracy should obtain, not only in the political sphere, but at the workplace too. You can watch the film for free at