(Because the department is updating its web site, I'm still listed as a PhD student here, although I defended my thesis in 2020 and currently have a postdoc position.)

My research is mainly in causation in the context of the philosophy of science, and with a focus on the role of manipulation and intervention in theories of causation. I'm also interested in the logic of experimentation and causal learning. The title of my thesis is Taking Control -- The Role of Manipulation in Theories of Causation

My secondary interests are in science education and the notion of science literacy, and the history of the philosophy of science and mainly Francis Bacon and the early early modern period.


  • Current Trends in the Philosophy of Causation
  • Introduction to Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Science I
  • Introduction to Formal Logic
  • Knowledge, Science, and Research Methods

Publications and misc. writing

Accepted conference papers

  • "Relative Specificity and Redundant Causation" (NNPS Workshop, Lund, 2014)
  • "Francis Bacon and the Naked Intellect" (Thinking Through The Ages, Tromsö, 2014)
  • "How incompatible are the scientifc methods of Bacon and Descartes?" (8th Nordic Early Modern Philosophy Workshop, Stockholm, 2015)
  • "Taking Control: How Our Sense Of Agency Can Be A Reliable Sense For Causation" (MuST10, Sydney, 2017)
  • "Causal Interventionism for Everyone" (2022 Swedish Congress of Philosophy)

Administrative work


I partook in a 1-hour discussion about quantum physics on Swedish television. (In Swedish.)