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Peter Pagin was born in Stockholm 1953 and was educated at Stockholm university. He received his basic degree, fil kand, in philosophy and mathematics in 1981. PhD studies 1982-87 with professor Dag Prawitz as supervisor. Docent degree at Stockholm university 1992. Postdoc research position (forskarassistent) 1987-1991. During the fall semester 1996 fellow at The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies in Social Science (SCASSS), Uppsala. Full professor from January 2002. Visiting professor at the University of Barcelona, Feb-July 2008. Fellow at Institut d’Études Avancées, IEA-Paris / Visiting researcher at Institut Jean-Nicod, spring 2010. Visiting professor at EHESS, Paris, June 2010.

Co-founder and first coordinator of the European PLM network of Philosophy of Language and Mind.

Co-founder and director of the CLLAM center for Logic, Language, and Mind, at the Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University.

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Nordic Logic Summerschool 2017: Course on compositionality, with Dag Westerståhl. Presentation with links.


Main areas

In the first place, Pagin's area is philosophy of language, and within philosophy of language he has primarily taken an interest in the foundations of semantic theories and semantic concepts. During a couple of years he has worked on the principle of compositionality for natural language. He has tried to develop two thoughts: on the one hand that compositional semantic theories contribute to explain the success of linguistic communication, and on the other hand that precisely this explanatory role is the foundation of semantic concepts like truth and referens.

His interest in the philosophy of language has taken Pagin into areas bordering on other disciplines, like philosophy of mind (sensation terms), logic and formal semantics (compositionality), history of literature (point of view markers) and cognitive psychology and psychiatry (speakers with autism). He has also written about rules and rule-following, vagueness, synonymy, assertion and about modern philosophers like Wittgenstein, Quine, Davidson and Dummett.


Current activities

Research Project Compositionality, with Dag Westerståhl, funded by VR, the Swedish Research Council

Participant in Knowledge Resistance, funded by RJ, led by Åsa Wikforss.




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