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The Hedonistic Utilitarian

Torbjörn Tännsjö is Kristian Claëson Professor of Practical Philosophy at Stockholm University since 2002 and director at Stockholm University of Stockholm Centre for Health Care Ethics, a cooperation between Stockholm University (SU), Karolinska Instistute (KI) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Since 2007 he is also Affiliated Professor Medical Ethics at Karolinska Institutet. He was Professor of Practical Philosophy at Göteborg University 1995-2001 and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Stockholm University from 1976 to 1993, and Research Fellow in Political Philosophy at the Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences between 1993 and 1995. During the fall of 2008 he was a research fellow at The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study.

Member of the medical ethics committee of The National Board of Health and Welfare (the Swedish Government agency responsible for the supervision, evaluation and monitoring of social services, health care and medical services, dental care, environmental health, and control of communicable diseases), he is member of the ethics board of Karolinska Institute. Up to 2011 he served as a member of the board of the now finalised ethics program at Oslo University.

Member of the editorial board of Monash Bioethics Review, Tidskrift för politisk filosofi, (Journal of Political Philosophy), and Philosophical Papers, the ethics section of the web psychiatric journal Psychomedia, The Intergenerational Justice Review, and Bioethics.

At present

Tännsjö is presently revising Understanding Ethics (a third edition is forthcoming 2013). He is writing on two books, one on priority setting in health care and another one on the ethics of killing. The former book is written within a research project.


Books (in English)

Edited books:

Books (in Swedish)

Edited Books in Swedish

  • Sven-Erik Liedman, Torbjörn Tännsjö och Dag Westerståhl, Den svårfångade relativismen (Stockholm: Thales, 2008).

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