foto på Lars Bergström

Bergström, Lars

Professor emeritus (PrPhil), ph. 16 42 09, lars.bergstrom@philosophy.su.se
Moral philosophy, value theory, philosophy of science and W.V. Quine's philosophy

Ericsson, Lars O

Bild på Lars O Ericsson

PhD, docent (PrPhil), lars.o.ericsson@philosophy.su.se
PhD in practical philosophy, writer and art critic.

Mathlein, Hans

Hans Mathlein

BPhil, hans.mathlein@philosophy.su.se
Main interests: Ancient and modern pyrrhonism.

Malmnäs, Per-Erik

Per-Erik Malmnäs

PhD, professor emeritus (ThPhil), per-erik.malmnas@philosophy.su.se
The foundations of probability, decision theory

Dugald Murdoch

Murdoch, Dugald

D. Phil., professor emeritus (TF), dugald.murdoch@philosophy.su.se
Murdoch has lectured on philosophy of science, epistemology, and the history of philosophy (ancient and modern).

Pontara, Giuliano

Docent (PrPhil), Giuliano.Pontara@philosophy.su.se

Dag Prawitz

Prawitz, Dag

PhD, professor emeritus (ThPhil), dag.prawitz@philosophy.su.se
Logic, The philosophy of logic and mathematics and Philosophy of language

Ohlsson, Ragnar

Ragnar Ohlsson

PhD, professor emeritus (PrPhil), ragnar.ohlsson@philosophy.su.se
Normative ethics, the History of practical philosophy and Political Philosophy

Ulfstedt, Hans-Jörgen

Hans-Jörgen Ulfstedt

PhD, university lector, (ThPhil), hans-jorgen.ulfstedt@philosophy.su.se


Postal address
Stockholm University
Department of Philosophy
SE - 10691 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address
Department of Philosophy
Universitetsvägen 10 D
Frescati, Stockholm, Sweden

Head of Department
Björn Eriksson,

Directors of Graduate studies (PhD level)
Theoretical philosophy:
Peter Pagin,
Practical Philosophy:
Krister Bykvist,

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