Dugald Murdoch
photo of Dugald Murdoch

Dugald Murdoch was born in Glasgow, and received his higher education at the universities of Glasgow, Uppsala, and Oxford. At Glasgow he gained an M.A. in English (1966) and in Philosophy (1970), and at Oxford a B.Bhil. in Philosophy (1973) and a D.Phil. in Philosophy (1981). In 1976 he moved to New Zealand, to teach Philosophy at the University of Canterbury. He returned to Europe in 1991, to the University of Stockholm, as Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy, and later as Professor. He is now Professor Emeritus.


Main interests

Murdoch's teaching has been mainly in the philosophy of science, epistemology, and the history of Western philosophy, ancient and modern. His research interests are largely in the philosophy of science, epistemology, and the history of modern philosophy, Descartes' philosophy being a special interest.

Publications (selection)

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