In connection with the award a small symposium is arranged in which a number of speakers give talks on various aspects of the work for which the prize is being awarded. The laureate also participates with a talk. The symposia are open to the public. More information about the Rolf Schock Prizes is available on the home page of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Laureates in Logic and Philosophy

2014 Derek Parfit

Professor Derek Parfit (University of Oxford, UK) was awared the 2014 prize in logic and philosophy "for his ground-breaking contributions concerning personal identity, regard for future generations and analysis of the structure of moral theories".



2011 Hilary Putnam

Professor Hilary Putnam (Harvard, U.S.) was awarded the 2011 price in logic and philosophy "for his contribution to the understanding of semantics for theoretical and 'natural kind' terms, and of the implications of this semantics for philosophy, theory of knowledge, philosophy of science and metaphysics."

A video recording of his Rolf Schock-presentation is available online: "The development of semantics" (Hilary Putnam at KVA) (opens in new tab)


2008 Thomas Nagel

2005 Jaakko Hintikka

2003 Solomon Feferman

2001 Saul Kripke

1999 John Rawls

1997 Dana S. Scott

1995 Michael Dummett

1993 W.V. Quine