Each course is designed to be the equivalent of one week of work, including preparation and examination, but the teaching is concentrated to one half day of lectures and seminars per course. Teaching will be in English, but examinations may be written in English or Swedish. Please note that module 1: Introduction is a prerequisite for modules 2–5.

The whole package is available at least once per academic year, or more often, depending on demand.

For questions, please email forskningsetik@philosophy.su.se.

Schedule Autumn 2020:

1. Introduction: Monday 2020-09-07, 13–17h.

2. Conduct and misconduct: Tuesday 2020-09-29, 13–17h.

3. Harm and consent: Monday 2020-10-19, 13–17h.

4. Values: Monday 2020-11-09, 13–17h.

5. Ethical vetting: Monday 2020-12-07, 13–17h.

For application, please go to the to the wished module in the left hand column.