Next course start: Monday 29 April 2019, 13-17.

The course will be organized around two central questions: (1) What is the value of science? and (2) What are the values in science?

The course will consist of a mixture of lectures and group work. Lectures will set the stage for the discussion, outline important concepts, and articulate central questions. Group work will encourage participants to articulate what values inform their work, what the value of that work is, and how those values will be realized.

Coffee will be provided.

A take-home exam will be distributed at the end of the session. The take-home exam will be due Monday 3 December at 5 pm.

Your active participation is expected. In advance of the session, please start reading the two texts below. Moreover, please start reflecting on how your values inform your work and who will benefit from it.


Erik Angner, PhD (History and Philosophy of Science), PhD (Economics)

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University



Elliott, Kevin C. 2017. A Tapestry of Values: An Introduction to Values in Science. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Available online via the university library.

Douglas, Heather. 2016. ”Values in Science,” in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Science, ed. by Paul Humphries (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp. 609–30. Available online via the university library.