Completion of this module is a prerequisite for the remaining modules.

Next course start: 4 February 2019.

Apply for the course by sending an email to, with your name, your personal number, your department and research discipline.



The seminar

After a short presentation of the course, the meeting will start with introductory lectures by Staffan Carlshamre (Dept. of Philosophy) and Cyril Holm (Dept. of Law), after which there will be time for group work (and coffee) and a final plenary session with discussions based on input from the group work.

For preparation you should start out with the readings, but most importantly you should take some time to reflect on your own research project from a research ethical point of view, asking questions like:

- What different interests or "stakeholders" are relevant for your research, and are there any possible conflicts between them? (Resnik pp. 86-90.)
- Does your project need ethical "vetting" (etikprövning), and what do you take to be the most sensitive issues?

Such questions will form the basis for the group work, and will also be relevant for the home assignment.

The home assignment will be published on the day of the seminar and have a deadline one week later.



David B. Resnik: The Ethics of Science: An Introduction (Routledge). (Except chapters 5 and 8). The book is available as an electronic resource from the university library. This book will be relevant for later parts of the course as well.

Good Research Practice / God forskningssed Guidelines from the Swedish Research Council.