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Our Stories

What philosophical questions are you working on? Why did you chose a career in academic philosophy? How did you end up at Stockholm University? We asked a journalist, Eva Jarlsdotter, to interview some of our researchers, with the aim to provide a more personal portrait of what it is to be a philosopher. Here are our stories.

Richard Dawid, professor in Theoreical Philosophy

To trust or not to trust theories in contemporary cosmology

Richard Dawid is the theoretical physicist who realized that many of the questions in String theory had considerable philosophical relevance. He took a career risk and decided to follow his ideas and switched from physics to philosophy. Something that he has never regretted.

Anandi Hattiangadi, professor i filosofi vid Stockholms universitet

Meaning and Intentionality are as Fundamental as the Laws of Physics

Anandi Hattiangadi grew up in Toronto in a philosophical milieu – her father is a professor of philosophy – but she decided early on not to become a philosopher and chose to study biology instead. Still, she could not resist taking elective courses in philosophy, and eventually gave up biology. Today, she is an internationally renowned philosopher and professor at Stockholm University.


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