Richard Joyce
Professor Richard Joyce,
Victoria University of Wellington
On Evolution and Morality

This year's anniversary Wedberg Lecutres are held by professor Richard Joyce, from Victoria University of Wellington. Professor Joyce focuses on topics in metaethics as well as questions in moral psychology, the nature of the emotions, and the evolution of cooperation. His recent books The Evolution of Morality and The Myth of Morality have attracted much deserved attention. Joyce is also the editor (together with Simon Kirchin) of the anthalogy A World Without Values.

In his three part talk in Stockholm, Professor Joyce will discuss the thesis and import of moral nativism.

Lecture 1

"Moral nativism: What is the hypothesis?" 3 June, 13.00–15.00, Nordenskiöldsalen
With coments by Björn Eriksson.

Lectue 2

"From science to ethics: The metaethical implications of an evolved morality" 4 June, 13.00–15.00, Nordenskiöldsalen
With comments by Åsa Carlson.

Lecture 3

"The Darwinian debunking of morality" 5 June, 13.00–15.00, Ahlmannsalen
With comments by Jonas Olson.

General information

The lectures are open to all, no registration is required.

How to get there? Both Nordenskiöldsalen and Ahlmannsalen are situated on floor 3 in Geovetenskapens hus (U-building) at campus. Visting adress is: Svante Arrhenius väg 12.