Anders Wedberg

About Anders Wedberg

Anders Wedberg (1913-1978) held the first chair in Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University. After having studied at Uppsala University under, amongst others, Axel Hägerström, Wedberg recieved a PhD from Stockhom University (then Stockholm University College) in 1937. The same year he became Docent. The years 1939-1943 were spent in the United States of America where he studied at Princeton and Harvard and taught at Cornell university. In 1949 he was called to the first chair in Theoretical Philosophy where he remained until his retirement in 1975.

Anders Wedberg's professionally most influential work is his monograph Plato’s Philosophy of Mathematics, which was published in 1955 and reprinted 1977. For a broader audience his most influential work is his three-volume history of philosophy The History of Philosophy. It was published (in Swedish) by Bonniers during the years 1958-1966. It has been re-published by Bokförlaget Thales. The English translation was published by Oxford University Press (1982-1984).  Wedberg's history of philosophy introduced, at least to a Swedish audience, a new way of writing history of philosophy; with emphasis on attempts to interpret and analyze earlier thinkers' philosophical ideas with the aid of the resources and methods of contemporary philosophy. Through his writings and his way of teaching Wedberg contributed greatly to steering Swedish philosophy in a more systematic and analytic direction.