Higher seminar in practical philosophy

Contact: Jonas Olson and Erik Angner.

Program of the term

Higher serminar in theoretical philosophy

Contact: TBD

Program of the term

CLLAM seminars (Logic, Language and Mind)

Contact: Peter Pagin

Program of the term

The Stockholm Logic Seminar

In collaboration with the department of mathematics.
Contact: Erik Palmgren and Per Martin-Löf.

Program of the term.

Graduate seminars

Practical and theoretical philosophy have separate PhD seminars, where doctoral students in each subject present and discusses their work in progress.

Program of the term

Joint Stockholm/Uppsala seminars in practical philosophy

The Joint Stockholm/Uppsala Seminar in Practical Philosophy meets two or three times per term.
ContactJonas Olson (Stockholm) and Jens Johansson (Uppsala)

Higher seminar in the philosophy of science

Contact: Richard Dawid (Stockholm)

Program of the term