Seminar in the philosophy of science

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Joint Stockholm/Uppsala seminar in the philosophy of science

The Joint Stockholm/Uppsala Seminar in the Philosophy of Science offers talks and discussions on issues in the philosophy of science. It is directed towards philosophers as well as philosophy-minded scientists.

The talks take place either at Stockholm University, department of philosophy (room D700), or at Uppsala University, department of philosophy, as indicated in the calendar below, and usually on the third Thursday of the month.

The time of the talks is 13:15 - 15:00 (1:15 pm - 3:00 pm), unless otherwise stated.

The talks are given in English.

Receive event announcements

To receive announcements about upcoming talks, please register with our mailing list Phil-sci-announce. The list is only for announcements from the organizers, and not for general discussions. You can register for the list here:

Phil-sci-announce mailing list


Richard Dawid (Stockholm)
Lars-Göran Johansson (Uppsala)
Henning Strandin (Stockholm)
Sebastian Lutz (Uppsala)