Distance, Michael Esfeld (2017) proposes, is the world-making relation that together with matter points comprise the most meagre ontology of the natural world that is coherent and empirically adequate. This paper offers entanglement – as quantified by entanglement entropy – as an alternative world-making relation. Entanglement is interesting in this regard since it is consistent even with non-spatial theories. The paper thereby defends the metaphysical salience of non-spatial theories, which include a number of the prospective theories of quantum gravity. Obviously, an account of distance (space) is the predominant problem of empirical adequacy facing entanglement as a world-making relation. A possible resolution of this problem utilizes insights from the Ryu-Takayanagi formula (a holographic relation between entanglement and spacetime) and Susskind and Maldacena’s related ER=EPR conjecture (a relation between bell pairs and wormholes). Together, I argue, these indicate that distance might be conceived as a particular configuration of entanglement.