Luc Bovens on "An Efficiency Argument for Gender-Neutral Restrooms"

Abstract: Gender segregated restrooms pose problems for trans* people, for the disabled and for young children accompanied by carers of a different gender, and they stand in the way of potty parity, that is, the goal of reducing lines in front of women's restrooms in public venues. Gender neutral restrooms solve all these problems, but they meet with resistance from various comers. One advantage that all should be able to appreciate is that they are much more efficient. Computer simulations shows that if we preserve the current architecture, then opening all stalls to everyone leads to a drastic reduction in waiting times. Or, if we respect the maximum waiting time that is implicitly allowed by current legislation, then by moving to a gender-neutral policy we can reduce the need for facilities while attaining the same waiting times. We consider whether any Nudge policies can be implemented to overcome the resistance to genderneutral restrooms.

Feel free to bring lunch. Coffee will be provided.

Professor Luc Bovens is a core member of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program at the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He works across a broad range of topics and issues spanning rationality, epistemology, morality and political philosophy. Read more on personal webpage.

This event is hosted by the PPE Network at Stockholm University