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Disputation in practical philosophy: Daniel Ramöller

On June 5, at 13.00, Daniel Ramöller defends his thesis ”On the possibility of limited weighing of lives”.

Guy Bluford

Cultures of expertise and politics of behavioral science

 Mike Kenny and Anna Alexandrova interview Professor Erik Angner of Stockholm University.

The Swedish Exception?

The Swedish Exception?

It is still too early to determine which national responses to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic worked, and which ones did not.

Erik Angner

Epistemic Humility—Knowing Your Limits in a Pandemic

In the current coronavirus crisis, overconfidence can cause real harm. Read Erik Angner’s piece in Behavioral Scientist.

Mechanical philossophy

The Mechanization of Philosophy between 1300 and 1700

The Swedish Research Council has granted Henrik Lagerlund a three year research project on the history of mechanical philosophy

Advanced courses

Master’s course philosophy teaser 227
Puff Research ethics for Human Science 227

Research programs

Knowledge Resistance (startpage)
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CHE: Stockholm Centre for Healthcare Ethics