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Sebastian puff

Non-wellfounded and circular proof systems

The Swedish Research Council has granted Sebastian Enqvist a three year research project on non-wellfounded and circular proof systems.


The department welcomes PhD student Meradjuddin Khan Oidermaa

In his dissertation, Mirre will explore complicity and blame.


Medieval, Renaissance and Skeptical Philosophy

"The term ‘Renaissance philosophy’ is useless.” Henrik Lagerlund is interviewed by Richard Marshall at 3:16.


The Department of Philosophy welcomes Joseph Bowen

Joseph's interests are in the nature of rights and directed duties, and the justification and limits of harming.

Advanced courses

Master’s course philosophy teaser 227
Puff Research ethics for Human Science 227

Research programs

Knowledge Resistance (startpage)
SCEWP Teaser (startpage)
CHE: Stockholm Centre for Healthcare Ethics