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Nicolas Olsson Yaouzis

What if nothing truly matters?

The Swedish Research Council has granted Nicolas Olsson Yaouzis, Jonas Olson, and Victor Moberger a three year research project on nihilism.

Mechanical philossophy

The Mechanization of Philosophy between 1300 and 1700

The Swedish Research Council has granted Henrik Lagerlund a three year research project on the history of mechanical philosophy

Helen Frowe

2019 Political Philosophy prize goes to Helen Frowe!

Helen Frowe, Professor of Practical Philosophy is the winner of the 2019 Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy.

H. Orri Stefánsson

New Associate Editor for the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

H. Orri Stefánsson, Associate Professor of Practical Philosophy and researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies.

Advanced courses

Master’s course philosophy teaser 227
Puff Research ethics for Human Science 227

Research programs

Knowledge Resistance (startpage)
SCEWP Teaser (startpage)
CHE: Stockholm Centre for Healthcare Ethics