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The Department of Philosophy welcomes Sebastian Enqvist

Sebastian specialises in the intersection of logic and computer science, and teaches logic.


The Department of Philosophy welcomes Mikael Pettersson

Mikael teaches courses on the philosophy of the cultural sciences for PhD students at the Faculty of the Humanities.


The Department of Philosophy welcomes Miira Tuominen

Miira specialises in the history of philosophy and in ancient philosophy in particular.

Dag & Per

2020 Rolf Schock Prize awarded to Dag Prawitz and Per Martin-Löf

Prawitz awarded for proof-theoretical normalization in natural deduction and Martin-Löf for the creation of constructive type theory.

Advanced courses

Master’s course philosophy teaser 227
Puff Research ethics for Human Science 227

Research programs

Knowledge Resistance (startpage)
SCEWP Teaser (startpage)
CHE: Stockholm Centre for Healthcare Ethics