***Call for Abstracts***

Any topic that addresses both disciplines is welcome, including:

  • methodological questions like the justification of idealizing models, the design of experiments, or the legitimacy causal inferences
  • normative questions like the definition or measurement of welfare, well-being, equality, or their respective aggregations
  • political questions like paternalism, equality, liberty etc., to the extent that they are influenced by economics as a science
  • foundational questions like the conceptualization of probability, utility, preference, rationality, cooperation, or altruism

Our main aim is to bring together diverse people with a common interest from the region; we therefore will keep presentations short. If you are interested, please send a short abstract (max 400 words) to gryne@kth.se by March 1st.

The workshop will be held at KTH. Details about locale, schedule etc will be posted in due time.


Erik Angner, SU
Till Grüne-Yanoff, KTH
Sven-Ove Hansson, KTH